Padi costruzioni and MDB Architettura offices, via L.Di Breme, Milan

Concept, project and realisation. The new PADI Costruzioni headquarters is the result of the synergy between the three souls of the group: MDB architettura, the project; Volubilis, the selection of materials and finishes; PADI Costruzioni, the construction.
The desire for absolute synergy between different skills and experiences is realised here. On two floors, Ludovico di Breme's ground floor is a place for displaying and selecting materials, holding meetings and viewing projects, while the first floor houses the technical and administrative offices. In Milan, a large, bright space has been created in the premises of an old industrial shed, which has been completely restored and enhanced. This space is characterised by smooth concrete walls, resin and wood floors, and a spiral steel staircase connecting the two floors, made entirely of metal carpentry.

Design and construction management.

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